Michael T. Gardner

Painting, Drawing, Tattoo: Realism, Surrealism, Tribal, Custom





acrylic on wood
Jules Anslow

Tattoo by Michael T. Gardner




I was born in Ohio, and grew up outside of Dayton.  My first idea for a career (driving a school bus for singing puppets) never materialized so I settled quickly on my second choice… art.  With the help of supportive parents I went to the Columbus College of Art And Design for two years and then transferred to Wright State University.  I never acquired a degree but I did cement a love of experimentation that survives to this day.


I moved to Tucson AZ in 1994 and in 1995 focused all my energy into the art of tattooing, which is how I make my living to this day.  I have been in Everett, WA since 2002 and since moving here have begun exploring making art outside of tattooing.  I still love to experiment with new (to me) media and have started to devote more time to creating art for art’s sake.







I now have a private studio where I tattoo on an appointment basis and make as much art as time allows.  The future is waiting for me, so here I go!



ph.: 425.418.4644







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