“The Breasts of the Northwest II” Prospectus/SubmissionForm


Greetings once again to you all, the emissaries of imagination!

Yes, it’s time once again to immortalize your McGuffeys!  I invite you to conspire in the return of the ta-tas, the Breasts of the Northwest II!


“Revered, underrated, over-covered, decorated, worshipped, resented, cherished, twisted, admired.  They arouse, nurture, aggravate, comfort, inspire.  They cause joy, heartache, backache, desire, obsession, fantasy, bankruptcy, embarrassment, confusion, pride.  They’re controversial.  They’re irresistible.  They’re dangerous and harmless.  They’re constant companions, old friends, and a pain in the ass for tummy sleepers.  Everybody’s born with ‘em, though more than half are destined to remain purely decorative.  To what do I refer, you ask?  I speak, of course, of the incomprehensible breast.”


Due to the overwhelming response we had last year, we’re getting things started a little earlier this year.  Note earlier dates for art delivery.


The concept of the show:

The theme of this show is simply the name.  Whatever that title inspires you to create is what it’s about.  2-D, 3-D, 6-D, double D, whatever mammaries move you to produce!  If you have older pieces as well, that works too.  No time limits.  Nudes and what-have-you welcome.  I didn’t invite Gilbert and George, so I can say that with very little trepidation.


Number of pieces:

The space will be stretched, cajoled, and otherwise maNIPulated to accommodate up to three pieces from each artist, but if you get swept up in the fever and produce more, let me know and we’ll see if we can SQUEEZE it in…


Entry:  UPDATE: Fee deadline extended to ASAP!

Entry will be $15, due ASAP.  Each artist will take care of their own mailing/distribution, so let me know ASAP how many postcards you’ll need.  LAW will provide an email postcard to send out to your email lists.  A 25% commission will be charged on sales, with 10% again donated to Gateway for Cancer Research.




The gallery will be open Saturdays from 1-5 PM throughout the show, and as usual by appointment as well.


Everything should be ready to hang/display, and an inventory list with title, medium, artist and price will need to accompany your pieces (nothing fancy, just legible).  A short bio/statement to place with your work would be smashing.


So, for the wrap-up:

·        3 pieces each artist (ask me if you have more)

·        All categories of art accepted

·        All work ready to hang/display

·        Inventory list with title/medium/artist/price

·        Short bio/statement


Dates/deadlines to remember:

·        ASAP- $15 fee due and let me know number of postcards you need


Feel free to e-mail me or call with any questions:

E-mail: jules@julesanslow.com

Phone: (425) 923-3635

Mail entry fee to:  Jules Anslow,  5106 S. 3rd Ave., Everett, WA   98203

(or deliver to my studio at LAW, by app’t., Art Walk or during Tues. drawing session 7-10PM under my door)


Thanks again, my visionary friends!  I anticipate BIG things for this second edition!  As they say at the rock concerts, “Show us your ***s”!  Okay, that was a tad crass, but I’ve exhausted my thesaurus…


Artfully and sincerely yours,


Jules Anslow



Here is an Artist Agreement/ Inventory Sheet to send in with fee or bring in with your artwork on November 3rd/4th/11th, and pertinent addresses and info.  

Entry fee: $15 ASAP

Checks payable to: Jules Anslow

Mail to: 5106 S. 3rd Ave., Everett, WA  98203
Please remember to note how many postcards you will need!


“Breasts of the Northwest II” Artist Agreement and Inventory


Name ______________________________________No. of Postcards_________




City_________________________________ State_______ Zip______________


Phone________________________ E-mail______________________________



Title                                          Medium                                         Price








Liability: Of course, all care and every reasonable precaution will be taken throughout receipt, installation, exhibition and return of artwork.  However I, Jules Anslow, Lowell Art Works, the building owners and tenant artists do not assume responsibility for loss or damage that might be incurred during this process, and encourage each artist to carry their own insurance.


Signature of artist: __________________________________________



Lowell Art Works, 5205 S. 2nd Ave., Everett, WA  98203

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